Beam mounted pull out unit - electrical

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Technical Data
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Pull-out direction Longitudinal extension (standard)
Size (WxH) 800 x 1200 mm | Storage surface
Anti-slip-stripes inclusive
Fitting kit inclusive
Product advantages
  • Load capacity 1.000 kg (95 %) and 1.500 kg (70 %)
  • Supports ergonomic posture of employees
  • Easy installation in existing heavy-duty shelving systems
  • Safety through deadman's switch
  • Power: 230 V | 24 V

Electric pull-out units for very heavy loads

Beam mounted pull out unit - electrical


The amount of force required to set a pull-out unit loaded with 1,000 kg or more in motion is very high. Our optional Easy-Action-Handle already reduces this effort, but if the pull-out unit is operated regularly, this problem often still represents an obstacle to the use of pull-out units.

In order to offer an easy-to-operate solution for these customers who handle very high loads, we have developed these electrically extendable pull-out units. The extractions are based on our mechanically extendable pallet extractions with 1.000 kg or 1.500 kg load capacity. In addition, the pull-outs are equipped with an "e-drive" system which is integrated well-protected in the pull-out uni.



Beam mounted pull out unit - electrical


Like our mechanical pull-outs units, the electrical driven units can also be installed in all common pallet racks. Due to the high load capacity of the extractions, the assembly and safety regulations must be strictly observed, especially the requirements for the pallet rack.

The pull-out units are placed on the cross beams and fastened to the shelf with the fastening set supplied. In addition, a 230 V | 24 V power connection is required for the electrically driven units. The connection is made via a standard plug. The pull-out is operated via a control panel with two buttons for "OUT" and "IN". The operating panel can either be permanently installed on the shelf or placed on a separate control panel. Depending on the pressing of the buttons, the pull-out moves out of the shelf or back again. As soon as one of the buttons is no longer pressed, the pull-out stops (dead man's switch).

Beam mounted pull out unit - electrical


The construction of these heavy duty pull-outs is extremely robust to ensure the stability of the pull-out units in any position. We have tested the pull-out units with the double load internally and the functionality was unaffected.

Loading of the pull-outs is often done from the back, the forklift aisle. The pull-outs offer the possibility to be loaded from the back side as well as from the front side by a forklift trick or a stacker. Laterally bevelled guides make it easier for the forklift driver to load the pull-out extractions and ensure that the pallet is correctly positioned on the unit.

Beam mounted pull out unit - electrical


The electrically extendable pull-out units can be optionally equipped with a pressure sensor and additional warning lights. In this case the pull-out unit stops immediately as soon as it encounters any resistance. By pressing the front panel on the pull-out unit, the pull-out then returns to the retracted position. When using this option, no dead man's switch is required. This means that the employee can move on to the next work step immediately after pressing the button.

The illustration shows a typical application for electrically driven pull-outs units: Heavy tools or components that are stored in a pallet rack are moved out of the rack with an electrically driven pull-out unit and then removed from the pallet by an overhead crane and moved to their destination. Forklift traffic is thus avoided and the risk of accidents is reduced!