Foldable Protection Visors

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Technical Data
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Fixing Headband
Variant headband with elastic band
Material PET (400 mµ)
Colours transparent
Product advantages
  • Reliable protection against liquids
  • Fits any head size
  • Suitable for many industries
  • High visibility thanks to crystal clear vinyl
  • Reusable

Foldable Protection Visors

Foldable Protection Visors


Our foldable KROG face visor covers almost the entire face and thus offers you all-round protection against dirt and splashes. It protects employees and customers if the needed minimum distance cannot be maintained throughout. It can help to reduce the spread of droplets, both your own and those emanating from other people.


The visor consists of transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and has a material thickness of 400 mµ. The stable construction prevents the visor from falling down again uncontrolled. You can simply fold it up and breathe freely when there is no contact with other people. Short drinking breaks are possible at any time by simply folding up the visor. A pleasant wearing comfort is guaranteed by the headband with elastic band. It is easy to adjust and can be adapted to any head size by the elastic band. The visor is also very suitable for glasses wearers, as the space under the mask is quite generous. An additional mouth-nose cover, e.g. made of fabric, can be worn underneath without any problems.

Foldable Protection Visors


Our foldable KROG face visor has a completely transparent front side. This is an advantage over a textile mouth-nose protector, because your view or field of vision is not restricted. Your face and facial expressions are clearly visible and you can communicate with your fellow men, customers and patients without restriction. The visor protects your face without covering it. Facial expressions and communication play an important role in many professions. It is especially important in retail, gastronomy and service sectors such as hairdressing salons. In schools, day-care-centers and for childminders it is also essential to recognise facial expressions. You can finally greet your customers, patients and students with a smile again. The face shield makes it possible that you don't sweat so much underneath because there is ventilation. The anti-fog coating on both sides of the visor is also very advantageous, as it prevents the visor from fogging. Some people may not wear textile everyday masks for various reasons (allergies, asthma, uncomfortable wearing, etc.), so our protective visor offers a practical alternative.

Foldable Protection Visors


The foldable protective visor consists of four components: a visor made of PET, a white headband, two plastic screws and a wide white rubber band. The visor can be easily assembled without any tools. The visors are individually packed in a transparent foil to save space. Each set comes with an instruction manual.


When the visor is completely cleaned, the elastic can be simply removed. You can then place the remaining components in a disinfectant bath or wash the visor under running water with soap and then disinfect with detergent. All parts are easy to clean and disinfect.

Please note that the foldable face visor is not a medically certified product. Our reusable visors are a complementary means of additional protection in the current corona pandemic.