Floor labelling

Floor marking Self-adhesive floor markings in various shapes, colours and sizes for marking hall floors, parking spaces and driveways
Shelf and aisle signs Shelf and aisle signs printed with numbers and / or digits in various designs

Markings for efficient work processes

  • Individual identification

    With our floor markings, storage areas, hall floors, work spaces, transport routes and production sites can be clearly and permanently marked. For individual marking we offer floor marking pockets made of stable and anti-reflective hard plastic. This have three adhesive strips on the underside so that inserted paper can be replaced at any time. A coloured border for visualisation is optionally available in yellow, red and green.

    We offer our KROG floor marking pieces in different shapes and colours. Footprints, dots, ovals, triangles, corner pieces, T-pieces and X-pieces are available in different sizes. Different colours can be used for functional subdivisions. The standard colours are yellow, white, black, green, red and blue. There are also striped variants and markings available that glow in the dark. For the marking of parking lots we can print our floor markings individually with numbers, digits or barcodes. We look forward to your inquiry.
  • Ground markings with strong adhesive force

    Our floor markings are equipped with a strongly adhesive self-adhesive layer on the underside. The adhesive layer is provided with a protective foil, which is removed before application. The self-adhesive layer achieves a particularly good adhesive strength, as it is soft enough to penetrate into existing cavities in the floor. The floor markings can be stuck on quickly and easily and the surfaces can then be used again immediately. A great advantage over colour lines applied to the hall floor is the flexibility. If required, the marking pockets and markings can be easily removed or replaced at any time in the event of damage.

Floor labelling