KROG product videos


To show you the advantages of our products even more clearly, we decided at the end of 2016 to create product videos of the Pull-out units and Pallet accessories. You can show the videos on YouTube.

Our Pull-out units and the pallet accessories will follow shortly in our English shop. We will be happy to send you an offer now. Please send your inquiry to

The aim of the videos is to illustrate the application possibilities of the products and to show the specific properties and details. We also want to use the product videos to explain which mistakes can be made during order picking - and how these can be avoided.

In a first step, we concentrated on our pull-out shelves in the videos and had videos created about our pallet pull-outs, floor pull-outs and compact shelving systems. Now the work is finished and we are happy to present you the first product videos:

Under the direction of Jost Fink and his team the videos were professionally created - we thank you for the great support.

Videoaufnahmen für das Krog Kompaktregal