Biological film

ECO labeling pockets made of organic PVC film, which is partly obtained from vegetable tall oil from pine wood.

Recycled materials

ECO stacking corners made from 100% recycled material and ECO labeling pockets with up to 15% recycled plastic content.

Renewable resources

ECO paper delivery note pockets are made from 100% renewable raw materials. They are suitable for accompanying documents.


As a supplier of plastic products, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment and are committed to promoting sustainability and environmental protection in all our business areas. We have set ourselves the goal of increasing the use of recycled and renewable materials in our products. We are committed to a sustainable supply chain and work with partners to contribute to a better future together.

Manufacturing products from recycled materials has a number of advantages:

  • Reduction of waste: By using recycled materials, landfill waste can be reduced as fewer materials end up in landfill sites, thereby reducing the environmental impact.


  • Conservation of resources: The use of recycled materials saves resources such as water, energy and raw materials, as fewer materials need to be extracted.


  • Energy efficiency: Manufacturing products from recycled materials often requires less energy than manufacturing products from virgin materials, as fewer processing steps are required.


  • Cost savings: Using recycled materials can reduce manufacturing costs as less raw materials and energy are required.


  • Positive environmental impact: Using recycled materials can reduce the environmental impact as fewer resources are used and less waste is produced.


  • Sustainability: The use of recycled materials contributes to sustainability as resources are used more efficiently and the need for landfill and waste disposal is reduced.

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