Rack labelling

Label holder Magnetic and self-adhesive label holders for marking pallet and shelf shelves
Label holder for freezing sectors

Magnetic label holder for labeling in the freezer warehouse

Magnetic label pockets Ideal for labelling shelves, metal boxes and all other metal storage and transport containers
Marking labels Magnetic and self-adhesive marking labels with individual labelling
Magnetic label rolls Magnetic label rolls with flexible vinyl surface for labelling
Shelf and aisle signs Magnetic and self-adhesive shelf and aisle signs, optionally printed or for individual replacement of inserts

Mark pallet and shelf racks professionally

  • Shelf and rack marking

    KROG offer you shelf inscriptions in different versions for the marking of pallet and shelf racks. Label holders, label pockets and marking labels are available in various dimensions and mounting variants. Shelf markings with one or more strongly adhering magnetic strips or with a fully magnetic back offer a secure hold on metallic objects. Alternatively, they can be attached with a foam adhesive strip or with a fully self-adhesive reverse side.

  • Always the right shelf marking

    The length of the transparent label holder can be cut to the desired size. Thus, either the complete shelf cross beam can be equipped with a single long label holder or only each individual storage space. Depending on the type of application, we also manufacture our label holders in different shapes. For example, we offer a variant with a completely closed front, in which the papers to be inserted are optimally protected. Label holders are also available with a front side bent forward for easier removal of the papers or with a shortened rear side. For angled traverses or for marking higher shelf traverses, we offer label holders with an angled back so that the labeling can be read optimally.

    Our blue label pockets are available in many different standard formats, whereby special designs are also possible here. These pockets for shelf labelling have a shortened front to facilitate loading and unloading of the papers. They are equipped with one or two strong magnetic strips or double-sided adhesive tape. Barcodes can easily be scanned through the transparent front foils.

Rack labelling