Storage technology

Beam mounted pull out units

The pallet pull-out units are placed on the cross beams of a pallet rack and connected to the rack with the help of a fastening set. Depending on the model type, loads between 200 and 1.500 kg are available with extension depths of approx. 70 or 100 %. The pallet pull-out facilitates ergonomic handling during order picking, assembly and production and has proven itself in tens of thousands of applications in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Floor mounted pull out units

Our floor mounted pull out units are available with load capacities from 800 to 1.500 kgs and it can be pulled out by approx. 85 %. The pull-out unit is equipped with 4 fixed castors, with the rear castors running on two rails. The rails must be fixed in the hall floor and serve to ensure the safe straight running of the pallet pull-out device. When closed, the floor mounted pull-out nunits are locked by means of a pull handle, which is available in different lengths. An optional Easy-Action handle is available to make it easier to pull heavy loads straight out.

Suspended pull out units

Suspended pull-outs are attached directly to shelf uprights for optimal use of floor space in height.

Pull out racks

Compact pull-out rack with approx. 70 % or 100 % extension shelves and a storage surface of 800 x 1200 mm as an ideal supply solution for small parts, KLTs and more. Due to its small dimensions, the compact pull-out rack can be transported by hand pallet truck and can therefore be used at different places within the company.

Electric pull-out solutions

Our electrically  pull-out units for cross beams of a pallet rack facilitate the ergonomic handling of very high loads during order picking, assembly and production.

The electrically movable compact pull-out racks with 70 % or 100 % extension shelves and a load capacity of 150 kg or 200 kg are the ideal mobile supply solution for small parts, KLTs and more.


KROG - Your expert for extraction units!

KROG provides you with professional storage technology for different racking systems. Ensure efficient and clear storage of your goods with storage technology from KROG: All articles in this category enable you to remove goods ergonomically, even for particularly heavy goods.


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Storage technology
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The goods stored in the rear part of a pallet rack can normally only be removed with the help of an ant or a forklift even if only a small box or a small workpiece is needed. With the help of beam monuted pull-out units, the stored goods can be removed from the rack together with the pallet, easily and without forklift assistance. This offers a number of advantages:

  • Time saving (as the pallet pull-out is firmly integrated in the pallet rack),
  • Cost savings (as forklifts are not needed for such tasks),
  • space saving (since storage space is better utilized)
  • and also a significant ergonomic relief for the employees when removing the goods, as their backs are relieved.




We offer different pull-out solutions for pallet racks: Pallet pull-out devices for heavy-duty racks (floor and crossbar pull-outs), which are installed in existing pallet racks on the crossbars, pull-out racks with drawers or else lean production racks, where the drawers are hooked directly into the upright profiles of a pallet rack.

The compact pull-out racks with a storage area of 800 mm x 1.200 mm are ideal for holding EURO standard containers. In addition, these racks can be integrated into an existing pallet rack.
Our electrically extendable cross beam racks and our electrically movable compact racks make working with heavy loads much easier.

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We offer you the appropriate accessories for the different solutions for your storage equipment: For example, you can order a pull-out handle for pallet pull-out units in different lengths (330, 500, 700 and 900 mm), so that your employees do not have to bend down when pulling out the pull-outs. We also offer a pull-out handle (length 300 mm) for the pull-out shelves. You can find further accessories on the respective article pages or as a category.
If you want to learn more about our storage technology articles, our many product videos will help you. This will give you a better idea of how to handle our products before you buy them.


At KROG, we specialize in high-quality and functional warehouse logistics products. Since every company has individual requirements for its own warehouse, our goal is to offer optimal solutions for the transport and storage of goods.
We will be happy to send you a free sample of our standard products if you would like to test their use before placing your order. To do so, select the "Order Sample" button on the product page.

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