Beam mounted pull out units

Pull out units Pallet pull-out units with pull-out depths of up to 100 % and load capacities of up to 1.500 kg for ergonomic goods removal
Accessories for beam units

We offer a wide range of accessories for our pallet pull-out units

Connected pull-out units

Connected pull-out units for the storage of very long goods such as pipes or bars

Ergonomic removal of goods thanks our beam mounted pull out units

Uncomplicated installation of the pallet pull-outs

Our beam-mounted pull-out units are placed on the crossbars of a pallet rack and fixed to the rear crossbar of the pallet rack with the help of a fixing set. Thus, the pallet extractions can be integrated into existing racking systems at any time - new pallet racks are not required as our pallet extractions can be retrofitted into racks of almost all manufacturers. Depending on the model type, our pull-out units are available with load capacities between 200 kg and 1.500 kg, each with pull-out depths of approx. 70% or 100 %. The pallet pull-outs facilitate ergonomic handling during order picking, assembly and production and have proven themselves in tens of thousands of applications in a wide range of industries and sectors

Beam mounted pull out units
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