Packing tables

Ergonomic height-adjustable packing workstations and multi-purpose work tables and workbenches.

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  1. Packing table - Version "Cardboard"

    incl. cardboard box holder and shelf

    from €1,159.00 /Piece
  2. Packing table - Version "Mini"

    incl. cutting device, holder for wrapping paper etc.

    Price on request
  3. Packing table - Version "Complete"
    incl. shelf, cutting device, cardboard box holder etc.
    from €1,517.00 /Piece
  4. Mega Packing manuell verstellbar Mega Packing - Manual height adjustment
    Mega Packing - Manual height adjustment

    with load capacity 100 kg

    from €3,019.00 /Piece
  5. Mega Packing mit elektrisch verstellbar Mega Packing - Electrical adjustment
    Mega Packing - Electrical adjustment

    with load capacity 150 kg

    from €3,554.00 /Piece
  6. Work tables

    with loads from 250 kg

    from €509.00 /Piece
  7. Workbenches

    with capacity loads from 500 kg

    from €576.00 /Piece

7 Items

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Ergonomic packing workstations thanks to height adjustment

Packing tables


Our packing tables are height adjustable and very multi-purpose with optional accessories. Choose from a wide selection of high quality components. Our packing tables are available in the different equipment variants Mini, Cardboard and Complete. The Mini model is our basic model which includes a holder for wrapping paper and a holder for cardboard under the table as well as a cutter. The Cardboard model includes a shelf for boxes and one for papers. The complete version is fully equipped with the following accessories: a shelf for boxes and for papers, a holder for wrapping paper and a holder for corrugated cardboard under the table, and a cutter.

Optionally, all packing tables can be equipped with further accessories that meet your specific requirements. The height of the standard packing tables can be adjusted steplessly between 725 - 975 mm via adjustment options on the feet. The maximum load capacity is 200 kg. The table tops are equipped with a gray HP laminate surface, which is extremely robust and resistant. The standard dimensions are 1.600 x 800 mm and 2.000 x 800 mm.



Thanks to an electric or mechanic adjustment, our Mega Packing guarantees an ergonomic posture for different employees. That is why we recommend it especially in multi-shift operations. Electrical adjustment guarantees ergonomic work for a wide range of employees by quickly adjusting the working height. The height adjustment is done with very quiet motors, which are equipped with a soft start/stop function. The mechanical adjustment is made by a smooth-running very quiet hand crank. A height-adjustable packing table offers you the possibility of switching between a sitting and a standing activity. Depending on the application, a standard load capacity of 100 kg is available for our Mega Packing with a manual height adjustment and 150 kg with an electrical adjustment. On request, we also offer higher payloads for both versions. To guarantee short adjustment times, the lifting speed is up to 38 mm/s.

In addition to the already extensive standard equipment, there is a wide range of optional accessories so that the packing tables can be used even more variably. In addition to our standard designs, we therefore offer individual modifications to size, load capacities, equipment variants and much more to adapt the packing table to your requirements.