Accessories such as labels, identification cards, hoop clamps and prickers for our label holders and identification pockets

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  1. Perforierte Etiketten
    in unterschiedlichen Größen
    from €0.70 /Piece
  2. Kennzeichnungskarten
    aus 160g Primat Color-Papier
    from €0.14 /Piece
  3. Protective plate for pallet foot clip

    Protective plate for pallet foot clip

    Size: 105x 70 mm
    Colour: transparent

    €0.35 /Piece
  4. Loop brackets
    for attaching labelling pockets
    from €3.00 /VE
  5. C-hook

    For versatile hanging

    Size: 40 mm

    Material: metal

    €5.50 /Piece
  6. Suspension hook

    For easy attachment of block storage signs to poster rails

    Size: suitable for DIN A4 + DIN A3

    Material: metal

    €4.10 /Piece
  7. Adapter for poster rail

    For extension of poster rails

    Length: 160 mm

    Material: plastic

    €18.00 /Piece
  8. Chain for hanging

    For mounting on ceilings

    Length: 30 meters

    Material: steel

    €54.80 /Piece
  9. Telescopic pole

    Accessory for hanging signs

    Length: 1.2 - 2 meters

    €33.20 /Piece
  10. Plastic hooks

    Accessories for poster rail

    Colour: transparent

    Material: plastic

    €14.70 /Piece
  11. Poster rail

    For hanging e.g. block storage signs

    Length: 2 meters

    Material: aluminum

    €37.20 /Piece

12 Items

per page

Accessories for our marking pockets