Accessories such as labels, identification cards, loop clamps and prickers for our label holders and identification pockets

12 Items

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  1. Perforated labels

    in different sizes

    from €0.60 /Piece
  2. Labeling cards

    from 160g Primat Colour paper

    from €0.14 /Piece
  3. Protective plate for pallet foot clip

    Protective plate for pallet foot clip

    Size: 105x 70 mm
    Colour: transparent

    €0.35 /Piece
  4. Loop brackets
    for attaching labelling pockets
    from €2.88 /VE
  5. C-hook

    For versatile hanging

    Size: 40 mm

    Material: metal

  6. Suspension hook

    For easy attachment of block storage signs to poster rails

    Size: suitable for DIN A4 + DIN A3

    Material: metal

  7. Adapter for poster rail

    For extension of poster rails

    Length: 160 mm

    Material: plastic

  8. Chain for hanging

    For mounting on ceilings

    Length: 30 meters

    Material: steel

  9. Telescopic pole

    Accessory for hanging signs

    Length: 1.2 - 2 meters

  10. Plastic hooks

    Accessories for poster rail

    Colour: transparent

    Material: plastic

  11. Poster rail

    For hanging e.g. block storage signs

    Length: 2 meters

    Material: aluminum

12 Items

per page

Accessories for our marking pockets



With the accessories you can clearly visualize our marking pockets and label holders thanks to perforated labels or identification cards.

Label pockets with hanging holes can be attached to different materials and surfaces with the hanger clips or plastic pins.