Pallet accessories

Pallet labelling

Optimum pallet marking with pallet foot pockets, banderoles, clamps or pallet clamps. Pallet flags for notices on Euro pallets and pallet caps for visualising loaded pallets

Pallet collars Pallet collars are ideal for storing and transporting a wide variety of goods on pallets. The collarss can be stacked on top of each other at different heights.
Pallet dividers You can divide pallet collar with our pallet collar dividers easily into four to sixteen compartments
Pallet collar lids During storage and transport, our plywood and plastic lids protect the stored goods from external weather influences
Stacking corners The stacking corners can be used to stack pallets on top of each other with or without pallet collars, whereby the stacking corners protect the upper pallets against slipping.
Anti-skid corners Anti-skid corners prevent the loads from slipping and thus offer maximum safety.
Distancers Thanks to our KROG distancers, you can build your own pallet rack yourself and save considerable space. The pallet distance holder allow you to stack any number of pallets on top of each other in a space-saving and stable manner.
Pallet collar locks The pallet collar locks are used to secure pallet collars during transport and storage.
Pallet brackets Pallet brackets from KROG prevent your load from slipping and thus offer maximum safety
Pallet legs Pallet legs bring EURO pallets to an ergonomic working height in seconds. For loads up to 500 kg!
Pallet trolley

Palettenwagen zum einfachen Transport von beladenen Paletten

Pallet accessories: Stacking - Dividing - Securing




Whether wooden pallet collars, dividers, lids, stacking corners, anti-skid corners, frame locks, distancers, pallet brackets or pallet legs - we always offer you the right pallet accessories!
Our pallet collars are ideal for storing and transporting a wide variety of goods on pallets. The collars can simply be stacked on top of each other. The usable height can thus be individually adapted to the goods to be stored.
Our pallet dividers simply divide the collars into four to sixteen compartments. Alternatively, the Cargo-Fix pallet dividers offer the possibility of individual subdivision into different sized compartments.
The wooden pallet collars can be covered with a lid made of plywood or plastic.



With our stacking corners, pallets with pallet collars can be stacked on top of each other. The stacking corners protect the upper pallet from sliding.
The distancers, in turn, also allow pallets with pallet collars to be stacked on top of each other. The big advantage here is that the goods can still be removed from the lower pallet. With the distancers, considerable space can be saved.
To prevent the spallet collars from slipping off the pallet unintentionally, they can be fixed with pallet collar locks.

Holzaufsatzrahmen mit Metall-Stapelecken
Holzaufsatzrahmen mit Sperrholzdeckel



Our pallet accessories can also help you avoid unpleasant permanent strain on your back during work. The pallet legs allow a comfortable working height of approx. 850 mm. In addition, they can be assembled in no time, are easy to carry and weather-resistant. They are suitable for flexible use: even high loads of up to 500 kg are possible.



Accessories such as our pallet collars can certainly play a role beyond the logical realm: For example, we also offer pallet collars especially for raised beds. Use them to create your personal garden design on several levels and plant vegetables or flowers, for example. We give you the opportunity to get creative.

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