Labelling of storing positions

Floor marking Self-adhesive floor markings in various shapes, colours and sizes for marking hall floors, parking spaces and driveways
Shelf and aisle signs Shelf and aisle signs printed with numbers and / or digits in various designs

Markings for efficient work processes



In addition, all floor markings have a firm and hard-wearing rigid PVC surface, which reduces soiling thanks to its smooth structure. A strong adhesive and self-adhesive layer on the underside allows the floor marking to adhere particularly well. This adhesive layer is covered with a protective film, which you remove before application. Since the self-adhesive layer is soft enough to penetrate existing cavities in the floor, it adheres particularly well.
Our shelf and aisle signs use a very durable plastic that is both impact resistant and fade resistant. The signs are attached with strong adhesive magnetic strips or hanging holes. Due to the smooth plastic surface, the markings are easily readable even from a distance. The inside documents of the information boards are also protected from dust and moisture in the pocket.
The aisle signs - exchangeable for aisle labeling are also made of a sturdy and transparent hard plastic. The sturdy material ensures you a long life and recyclability. For the fastenings, we optionally rely on a strongly adhesive mag-net strip or - if the information sign is to be permanently fastened - on a self-adhesive tape.


With our floor markings you can clearly and permanently mark storage areas, hall floors, work rooms, transport routes and production sites. In addition, we offer you a practical option for individual marking with our floor marking pockets, which are made of sturdy and non-reflective plastic.
Our floor marking symbols are available in many forms, sizes and colours. You can also find striped versions and those that glow in the dark.
If you want to mark a parking space or parking lot, we can print our floor markers with numbers, digits or barcodes according to your templates. The shelf and aisle signs for support posts or different racks (shelf racks, pallet racks, drive-in or flow racks as well as cantilever racks) clearly structure your warehouse or workshop and are visible from a distance. We recommend our information boards as signage for the aisles.



The shelf and aisle signs are available in the formats DIN A6, A5, A4 as well as A3 portrait and landscape. You can choose between one-sided or double-sided printing. We use a black font on a yellow background as standard for these articles. If you want other font or background colors for your parking space marking, please contact us. When entering the lettering for the signs, please note the number of characters indicated in the caption.

For a larger order, we offer you to send us an Excel file to You have the possibility to send us templates for the shelf and aisle signs, so that we can print them according to your individual wishes. Certain additions (perhaps arrows) are also possible on request. To ensure that the signs are legible from a distance, please make sure that the font size is appropriate.

We will be happy to send you samples of our standard products for trial purposes. Order them conveniently via the respective product page.

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