Manual adjustable tables

Manual adjustable worktables are simple, flexible and ergonomic. The hand crank can be mounted on the left or right.

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Manual adjustable work tables with stepless height adjustment

Manual adjustable tables



Our diverse product line includes different table frames with a mechanical or electrical height adjustment. The mechanical height adjustment is made with a quietly running hand crank, which allows a stepless height adjustment. The crank is foldable and can be placed on either the left or right side. The IDC 3020 series tables, with load capacities up to 150 kg, are ideal for assembly, picking and manufacturing activities where frequent height adjustment is not required. The IDC 3040 series, with loads up to 300 kg, is suitable for picking, assembly and manufacturing activities where heavy loads are used and frequent height adjustment is not required.

For activities where frequent height adjustment is required or for multi-shift operations, we recommend electric adjustment of the work table.

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