Floor mounted pull out units

Ergonomic removal of goods thanks to floor pull out units

Professional floor pull out units

Our floor pull-outs are designed for use in the floor area of a heavy-duty rack. The floor pullouts are equipped with four smooth-running, ball-bearing mounted rollers, whereby the two rear rollers run on rails anchored in the floor. The rails guarantee a safe straight run of the floor pull-out and the pull-out is pulled out of the pallet rack by means of a pull handle, which is available in different versions and lengths. For heavy pallets, we recommend the use of an Easy-Action handle, which makes the pull-out much easier due to its leverage. A foot lock is also available on request. When retracted, the floor pull-outs are automatically locked so that they cannot roll into the aisle unintentionally.

The floor pull-outs are available with load capacities from 800 kg - 1,500 kg. The pull-out depth is approx. 85 %. Depending on the model type, loading can be carried out from the stacker aisle or from the picking aisle.

Floor mounted pull out units
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