Electrical adjustable tables

The electric height-adjustable work tables are back-friendly, efficient and very flexible.

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Height-adjustable work tables with load capacities up to 1.000 kg

Electrical adjustable tables


Our height-adjustable table frames with load capacities of up to 1.000 kg are of great importance in the fields of assembly, order picking, packaging or in research and development. A critical factor for an optimal ergonomic workplace design is a flexible height. Our diverse product line includes different table frames with a mechanical or electrical height adjustment, which offers one the possibility of switching between a sitting and standing activity. By individually adjusting the height of the table, a great range of different activities can be performed at a single workstation. The maintenance-free aluminum lifting columns of the Mega Medium and Mega Strong series and the attractive aluminum construction of the IDC series give the frames a high-quality appearance and guarantee high stability and a long service life.

We offer a wide range of different table tops to go with our height-adjustable table frames with load capacities of up to 1.000 kg. High-pressure laminate, oak parquet, aluminum or oil-hardened hardboard are available as surfaces. In addition to standard sizes and surfaces, we also offer special designs. With a modular add-on frame, desks can be equipped with shelves, perforated tool plates, computer mounts, lighting, power outlets and more. Our extensive range of accessories allows a multitude of variations for every workstation. Mobile use inside the company is provided by optional wheels with locking brakes.



Our focus is on work tables with electric height adjustment. According to the purpose of use, different load capacities from 200 kg up to 1.000 kg are available. We can make individual adjustments to adapt the workstation to your requirements and will be happy to provide you with an appropriate quotation.

The height adjustment of the IDC 3720 series is done by a very quiet motor with a start/stop function, which is optionally available with a memory function. With loads of 200 kg, this model is particularly suitable for activities where work is performed in a sitting and standing position. In order to guarantee short adjustment times, we use high quality motors that allow a very fast lifting speed of 38 mm/s. The Mega Medium series work tables with loads up to 375 kg are suitable for heavy assembly activities. The stepless height adjustment with a fast lifting speed of 20 mm/s. is provided by high-quality motor-driven and maintenance-free lifting columns made of aluminum. The Mega Strong model with its extremely high load capacity of up to 1.000 kg is an optimal workstation where very heavy parts are handled. The maintenance-free and extremely durable frame consists of two motor-driven lifting columns made of aluminum, which are optionally supported by an additional hydraulic system. A quick height adjustment allows different employees to always take an ergonomically optimal working height.

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