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Magnetic frames, self-adhesive frames and information boards are ideal for announcements, warnings and regulations

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Keep the overview thanks to information boards

Selbstklebender Universalrahmen auf Glas


Some information frames are equipped with strong magnetic strips. These products include

Magnetic information boards
Magnetic frames
Foldable information boards

The self-adhesive frame and the universal information frame are equipped with strong self-adhesive strips. In addition, the universal information frame can be removed several times and stuck on at another place. It can be reused several times. In addition, this also allows you to make corrections in the alignment. If the adhesive surface gets dirty, rinse it with water. It is then ready for use again.


KROG information frames are easy to handle. They have openings on the side or on the back, so you can quickly change the documents. In addition, they are protected against dust and moisture in the information frames and are easy to read. The foldable information board enables you to exchange the papers particularly quickly and conveniently. It can be opened to the side at the front. Therefore, this item is suitable for regular announcements, like a weekly updated menu. Our magnetic information boards additionally offer you a wide choice in the size of the format used: from DIN A6 to DIN A3 you have the choice.

Selbstkleberahmen in Rot
Aushängeinformationen auf Whiteboard


Our information frames are made for daily use. Therefore, particularly stable materials have been used. They are made of non-reflective hard plastic. The non-reflective film ensures that all information is easily readable, even by scanners. In addition, they are durable for a long time. The smooth surface prevents any dirt from sticking and the information from becoming unreadable. Therefore, the notice information is especially suitable for places where heavy soiling can occur, such as in a warehouse or workshop.


Would you like to receive more information about the KROG information boards ? Or do you need a special design, perhaps regarding the format or the colour of the frames? If you would like to order a sample of our standard products, please use the sample button on the product page. Contact us - call us or write us an e-mail.

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