Manual adjustable tables

Manual adjustable worktables are simple, flexible and ergonomic. The hand crank can be mounted on the left or right.

Electrical adjustable tables

The electric height-adjustable work tables are back-friendly, efficient and very flexible.

Adjustable special tables

Our special table frames are suitable for different activities, requirements and needs.

Lifting columns

With our lifting columns, work stations and work tables can be individually assembled for assembly, manufacturing or production.

Packing tables

Ergonomic height-adjustable packing workstations and multi-purpose work tables and workbenches.

Rolling tables

Mobile wheeled tables with different load capacities - flexible use in assembly, production, manufacturing and other areas.


Accessories can be used to add to our tables to match your needs.

Ergonomic workplace design for any environment


Ergonomics is the science of the regularity of human work. The goal of ergonomics is to optimize the working conditions and work equipment for a task in such a way that the work result is optimal and the people working are damaged as little as possible, even if they perform the work for years.



A critical factor in optimal ergonomic workstation design is flexible workstation height. Our focus is therefore on electrically and mechanically height-adjustable work and packing tables. In order to ensure short adjustment times, we use high-quality motors that enable a very fast lifting speed of 38 mm/s.

The individual design of a workstation is not a special case for us. We can make individual adjustments to size, shape and attachments to design the workstation accordingly.

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