Magnetic information boards - foldable

Amount Single Price Savings
30 €10.66 /Piece 5 %
50 €10.44 /Piece 7 %
100 €10.10 /Piece 10 %
250 €9.54 /Piece 15 %
500 €8.42 /Piece 25 %
€11.22 /Piece
Excl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
Packing Unit 25 Piece Delivery Time about 1-2 weeks
Technical Data
More Information
Fixing Magnetic stripe
Size (WxH) DIN A4 / upright -210 x 300 mm
Material Hard plastic
Opening Long & short side
Colours transparent
Product advantages
  • For notices, warnings, announcements
  • Front foil can be folded for labelling
  • Ideal for papers to tick off | Note down
  • Strong hold through magnets
  • Robust hard plastic

High quality foldable information boards

Magnetic information boards - foldable


Our high-quality KROG information boards are ideal for notices, magnetic boards or info boards. Regulations, warnings or announcements can thus be attached quickly and easily to metallic surfaces. Two strong magnetic strips on the back side offer a secure hold on all metallic objects like white boards. The front foil can be folded to the left side - this makes it easy to exchange notices, order slips, work lists, break times or similar items. You have all the necessary documents at hand quickly thanks to the magnetic fastening, can easily access the papers, take notes and hang the information board back on the magnetic walls quickly and easily.


We manufacture our unique information board order-related in the format DIN A4 upright - 210 x 300 mm. The transparent hard plastic offers a very high stability and guarantees a frequent reusability as well as a long life span.

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