Compact pull out racks

Heavy duty pull out rack

Schwerlast Auszugsregale mit Auszugstiefen bis 100 % und Traglasten bis zu 600 kg / Schubfach als ideale Bereitstellungsloesung

Compact pull out racks for picking and storage

Professional pull-out racks

Our compact pull-out racks with 70% or 100% extendable drawers and a supporting surface of 800 mm x 1,200 mm can be used in many ways. The drawer racks represent an ideal supply solution for small parts, KLT`s and more. The storage area of 800 mm x 1.200 mm allows the optimal storage of EURO-Norm containers without loss of space. Thanks to its small dimensions, the drawer rack can be easily transported by hand pallet truck or with optional castors and can be used at various locations within the company without great effort. At the same time the drawer rack can be integrated into an existing pallet rack due to its compact dimensions.

The drawer rack with 70% extension depth has a load capacity of 200 kg per drawer, either extendable on one side or on both sides. The shelves with 100% extension have a load capacity of 150 kg per drawer.

Compact pull out racks