Magnetic folders with expandable fold

Amount Single Price Savings
50 €5.55 /Piece 23 %
100 €5.00 /Piece 31 %
300 €4.44 /Piece 39 %
500 €3.89 /Piece 46 %
€7.22 /Piece
Excl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
Packing Unit 25 Piece Delivery Time about 3-4 weeks
Technical Data
More Information
Labelling Universal
Magnetic stripes 1
Opening Short side
Colours blue
Size (WxH) DIN A4 / upright
Product advantages
  • Filling capacity for approx. 100 sheets
  • Suitable for instructions, catalogs, etc.
  • Ideal for metallic surfaces and containers
  • With one strongly magnetic stripe

Ideal for instructions, catalogs and much more

Magnetic folders with expandable fold




This marking pocket is characterized by its expansion fold. The fold makes it possible for more than 30 sheets of paper to be held in the pocket without any problems. It is perfect for brochures, manuals and catalogs up to a maximum of 100 sheets.

The front side is - like all our magnetic pockets - equipped with a scanner-readable transparent foil. Thus, barcodes and QR codes can be scanned easily and quickly.

On the back side there is a magnetic strip. Thus the pocket holds reliably on all metallic surfaces.

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