Compact pull-out rack 150 kg

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Technical Data
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Rack width 880 mm
Rack depth 1.251 m
Size 800 x 1.200 mm | Shelf
Load capacity 150 kg
Pull-out approx. 100 %
Colour Gentian blue - RAL 5010
Colour Rack Gentian blue - RAL 5010
Colour drawers Graphite grey - RAL 7024
Product advantages
  • Compact rack with full pull-out
  • For the reception of load carriers like plastic boxes
  • Optimal storage of small parts
  • Sample shipment for test purposes possible
  • Informative product video

Compact pull-out racks for small parts and plastic boxes

Compact pull-out rack 150 kg


Our goal at the beginning of the development of the Compact Pull-Out Racks was it to create an ideal storage solution for smaller items stowed in plastic bins like Euro containers or KLT boxes. At the same time it should be possible to integrate the rack in exisiting storage solutions like pallet racks. Also it should be possible to move the rack easily from one usage site to another one. All these requirements could be reached with our Compact Storage Units:

  • Drawers with a surface of 800 x 1.200 mm: Efficient storage of Euro containers
  • Outside width of 890 mm: Easy integration in exisiting pallet racks
  • Accessible with hand pallet truck or fork lifter: Compact Storage Units can be easily moved within the company
Compact pull-out rack 150 kg


The drawers from our compact pull-out racks have continous surface of 800 x 1.200 mm. Therefore 8 Euro containers in size 300 x 400 mm fit on one level or 16 boxes in size 200 x 300 mm. Every drawer has an edge on all sides so that the boxes can be stowed safely on the drawers without moving. One Compact pull-out rack with 5 drawers has a load capacity of 40 boxes in size 300 x 400 mm or 80 boxes in size 200 x 300 mm - and all boxes with direct access for comissioning!   

The frame of the racks has a hole pattern with 30 mm distance. So the position of each drawer can be easily changed. We are offering our compact pull-out racks with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 drawers equally divided in the rack. If needed we can mount the drawers with other distances accoring to your requirements.  



Compact pull-out rack 150 kg


One of the most important advantages of the compact pull-out rack is the versatility of the rack. Different tasks and method of operations requires different rack solutions respectively different ways of storaging goods. Due to the fact that we have taking into consideration the flexibility of the new created rack these racks can be used in different areas in your company and in different ways. The compact pull-out rack can be used for example as a picking rack or as rolling rack in production, assembly or storage. 

The racks can be easily integrated in a pallet rack through the outside width of 890 mm. Three compact pull-out racks can be placed between the uprights of a pallet rack with 2.700 mm long beams. So the lower part of a pallet rack can be used for smaller items efficiently and the upper levels for pallets. 

Compact pull-out rack 150 kg


Every Compact storage pull-out rack is equipped with a security locking. The locking makes sure that only one drawer of a rack can be pulled out at the same time. Therefore the racks doesn´t have to be bolded in the floor ground and can be moved easily within the company. For transportation of the racks hand pallet trucks or fork lift trucks can be used. 

We are offering different acessories for the compact pull-out racks, e. g. different kind of wheels sets, fork lift pockets or a wooden top. So the rack can be individualized according to the neeeds of the customer. 

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