Compact pull-out rack 200 kg

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Technical Data
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Rack width 880 mm
Rack depth 1.257 mm
Size 800 x 1.200 mm | Shelf
Load capacity 200 kg
Pull-out approx. 70 %
Colour Gentian blue - RAL 5010
Colour Rack Gentian blue - RAL 5010
Colour drawers Graphite grey - RAL 7024
Product advantages
  • Ideal for storage of plastic boxes
  • Shelves can be moved individually
  • Flexible use
  • Extensive range of accessories such as castors and handles
  • Informative product video

Compact pull-out racks for small parts and plastic boxes

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg


Our compact shelves are equipped with 3 to 7 drawers, each drawer having a load capacity of 200 kg at a pull-out depth of 70 %. The supporting surface of the drawers corresponds to the EURO dimensions of 800 x 1,200 mm and can therefore be optimally used for the storage of standardized Euro containers or KLT containers. At the sides, edges ensure that the containers have a secure hold and do not slip. The continuous steel bottom in connection with the lateral border also offers you the possibility to store goods and small parts directly on the drawers.

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg


The drawers are secured in the inserted state by a ball lock. In addition, our compact shelves are equipped with a safety lock that prevents several drawers from being pulled out at the same time. Due to this safety lock the shelves do not have to be anchored in the floor and can be used variably within the company in production, manufacturing and assembly. It is possible to move the shelves with a hand pallet truck, an ant or a forklift. Optionally, we offer forklift pockets for moving the racks to ensure that the racks are centered and stable. In addition, we offer other accessories for the shelves, so that the pull-out shelves can be customized according to your needs: Rollers, pull handles or a side panel for example.



Compact pull-out rack 200 kg


The distances between the drawers can be adjusted at any time by means of a 30 mm hole grid. It is also possible to remove a single drawer or add another drawer to the compact shelf. For this purpose, the safety lock only needs to be adjusted. Thus the compact shelf can be adapted at any time to the changed needs at the place of use.
The compact dimensions of the shelves with an outer width of approx. 890 mm allow to place 3 compact shelves side by side in the lowest level of a pallet rack with 2700 mm cross beams. The lowest level of the pallet rack can then be optimally used for the storage of small parts and containers, since the drawers allow direct access to the stored goods at any time without the need for auxiliary means such as an ant or forklift. The upper area of the pallet rack can still be used for the storage of full pallets.

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg


The drawers, which can be pulled out up to 70 %, allow employees to access and quickly remove individual and small parts that are stored in the compact pull-out shelf. The shelf is versatile in production, assembly, manufacturing & storage - wherever many different small parts are needed and little space is available. On a floor space of just over 1m², for example, 40 Euro-Norm containers in the format 300 x 400 mm can be stored in a compact rack with 5 drawers - with each container being directly accessible to the employees at all times.
KROG compact racks have proven themselves many times over as a flexible solution for the storage of small parts and containers, both as picking racks in the warehouse and as staging racks in the assembly department as well as in various other applications. In order to convince you of the versatile application possibilities of our compact racks, we would be pleased to provide you with a sample compact rack for test purposes!


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