Compact pull-out rack 200 kg two-way

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Technical Data
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Rack width 880 mm
Rack depth 1.257 mm
Size 800 x 1.200 mm | Shelf
Load capacity 200 kg
Pull-out approx. 70 % two-way
Colour Gentian blue - RAL 5010
Colour Rack Gentian blue - RAL 5010
Colour drawers Graphite grey - RAL 7024
Product advantages
  • Ideal for storage of containers and small parts
  • Pull-out on two-ways up to 70 % per side
  • Two-sided working possible
  • Loading and picking on both sides
  • Shelves can be moved individually

Compact pull-out rack with pull-out on both sides

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg two-way


In addition to our approx. 70 % or 100 % one-sided compact pull-out rack, we also offer a version of our pull-out rack with a two-sided pull-out of all drawers. The pull-out depth of these versions is approx. 70 % with a load capacity of 200 kg per drawer.

The pull-out on both sides makes a two-sided use of the rack: from the picking aisle goods are removed with the support of the pull-outs while from the back the forklift side the racks can be restocked.

Due to their design these compact pull-out racks are not provided with a safety lock, so the racks must be anchored to the floor for safety. There is otherwise a risk of tipping if several drawers are pulled out at the same time.

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg two-way


The support surface of the drawers is adapted to the Euro dimensions of 800 x 1.200 mm and therefore optimally suited for the storage of Euronorm or KLT containers. Each drawer is provided with a full-length galvanized steel bottom and the surrounding side rim provides a perfect hold for the containers.

The drawers are connected to the rack frame by 4 screws. In order to be able to use the double-sided pull-out shelf flexibly, it is possible to  move the drawers easily at distance of 30 mm. Therefore the shelf can be quickly and easily adapted to changing requirements at any time.

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg two-way


Due to the small external width of our compact pull-out shelving of only approx. 890 mm, the pull-out shelves on both sides can be integrated into the lowest level of a pallet rack. 3 pull-out racks fit exactly between the upright profiles of a pallet rack with 2.700 mm crossbars or 2 pull-out racks fit under a crossbar with a length of 1.800 mm. In this way the lower area can be optimally used for storing small parts while pallets continue to be stored on the traverse levels.

Compact pull-out rack 200 kg two-way


We deliver our compact pull-out racks completely assembled, so that they are ready for use immediately after delivery. Through our extensive range of accessories, the shelves can be customized according to your requirements. Metal panels, storage shelves or forklift pockets are just some of the options available here. In addition, we also offer our compact pull-out racks as custom-made products in individual dimensions or customer-specific variants.  

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